The Essential OiLbularyo

I am now a certified addict to Young Living Essential Oils (YL EOs). 😊

Since I got back from Bali, I hit the ground running and worked at a crazy pace. During my stint in the south, I had very little sleep, wasn’t eating properly, and the fact is, I wasn’t used to the rigors of a daily schedule. It was unusual – being on-site 10-12 hours or more, for 2 weeks straight.

A Berocca pill a day would usually do it for me. However, I missed my daily dose. Thing is, I would still feel recharged, chirpy and not a bit sluggish even as we ended our days quite late. I realized, my nightly diffusion of essential oil blends has been doing the trick.

Friends know very well how I value sleep. I’d rather sleep than eat or go out. I need my 8 hours everyday. 😅 It’s one of my guilty pleasures. I’ve no trouble sleeping but I’d sometimes wake up in the middle of the night then easily go back to sleep again.

Since I started with YL EOs, sleep quality has vastly improved – my trip to dreamland would be uninterrupted, and there’s a wonderful energy and clarity of mind when I wake up.

In the rural areas of the Philippines, we have folk healers or “arbularyo” (from the Spanish word: herbolario or herbalist) who would use prayer chants and herbal concoctions to heal common illnesses or diseases sometimes believed to be caused by supernatural spirits. I found it quite witty for a friend who shared her stories and convinced me about EOs, to call herself an “OiLbularyo”. I bumped into her at the salon one afternoon and by the time we parted ways, I couldn’t wait to try them for myself.

Thus began my own OiLbularyo journey. I’m still a newbie compared to friends who have been into it for quite sometime now. Nonetheless, I’m hooked like everyone else.

I have become a believer. An addict now (and a pusher at times 😜), scouring the web for reading materials and recipes, anticipating the arrival of my oils, and gleefully mixing my own concoctions with Ella Fitzgerald keeping me company. I’m one happy camper.

Indeed, what is essential is invisible to the eye (forgive me, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry). In this case, it’s the aroma, baby. 💕

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