I’m embarking on an ambitious travel goal to kick-start this blog:  fifty countries within my fiftieth year. That leaves me with… 24 months and 16 days to pull it off!

I have been to a little over half of the goal so far.  Started quite late with foreign travels.  Was busy raising a family, I couldn’t just take off and go.  But now, kids are all in the university.  I have more time for myself and pursuing one of my passions – exploring the world.

I remember back in grade school, passing around and signing “slam books” was a thing.  When asked what my ambition was, I would always write: “To be the President or to be a stewardess.”  Thing is, I never ran for public office much less, became the President of the Philippines. 😛  Neither did I become a stewardess (which is an outdated term for what we commonly know now as flight attendant). However, I am living out both aspirations in a different form – trying to make a difference in our society in my own little way, and traveling as much as I can.

Aside from family and friends, nothing gives me so much joy but travel. There is always that child-like awe in every place I visit (and re-visit). There is just so much in each place to discover and appreciate – the people, the culture, and its intrinsic beauty whether of a small town or a big city.

I am no writer but I will try to express and share my wanderlust thoughts in this space. I guess every milestone in life prods one to mark it with something.  Join me in this journey and my celebration of life. Sending nothing but good vibes to everyone. Cheers!

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